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Sponsor a Child in DeBridge Community Center and Feel the Joy of fulfilling One’s Dream.

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Educate To Inspire

We Support At Risk-Youths Nurture Their Skills and Talent.

Women Project

The Primary Aim of Our Women Project is to Help Women Be Self-Reliant.
Our Main Focus


DeBridge community center aims at empowering children from the informal settlement through education. It is the key to end the poverty cycle and make a significant change in the society.

Through our pre-school, senior school, and outreach feeding programme, we provide children from less-privilege families with affordable education, food and nutrition, health, and sanitation.



DeBridge community center believes that women are the pillars of the society. We started the women group initiative with the primary aim of helping women to be financially independent.

Our focus is on empowering women and girls through education and training for life skills to develop themselves for successful careers and for leadership roles in order to be economically self-reliant.



One of the biggest challenges for people living in the informal settlement is the poor quality of sanitation and healthcare services. Common illnesses include malaria, diarrhea, and cholera.

DeBridge Community Center Healthcare Program gives access to healthcare services to the low-income community, in addition to various campaigns of health education and proper sanitation.


About Us

We are a grassroots community-based organisation in Nairobi, Kenya. We empower and educate people living in poverty.

Our Vision

We see an enlightened healthy community engaged in income generating activities thus profiting its individual members.

Our Mission

We are committed to inspiring, educating, providing Healthcare to individuals and equipping them with skills that develop their abilities.