What we do for children

DeBridge community center’s heart is children. Our belief has always been that through empowering children, we can make a significant change in the whole society.

Children have little voices. Poverty is often a survival-of-the-fittest environment and the voices of children are often drowned out. We wish to empower children to speak up for themselves and for their family and community.

Through our programs, we have saved lives, got children fast-tracked into schooling, restored health to the malnourished and supported parents and guardians. For each child we work with, we hope for a happy and healthy future, and we work wholeheartedly to support their development.

Our Three Main Focus For Children


Children in our community love going to school! DeBridge community centre runs an Early Childhood Development (ECD) School for children aged 3-7 and a senior school currently up to form 3. This programme is a gateway for children to enter the education system. Once a child has moved through the ECD School they are then enrolled in a primary school, where they will spend the next eight years. With the support of child sponsors, Debridge community centre supports children through their senior school education.


Health and sanitation are a major issue for children living in poverty. Health issues include malaria, diarrhoea and stomach infections, worms and fungal infections, skin diseases, pneumonia, colds and flus, and occasional outbreaks of cholera and chicken pox. We teach children the basics of health and sanitation, significantly reducing the risk of illness and empowering them with life skills.

Food And Nutrition

The food programme is one of our key projects. It has helped vulnerable children in their health, growth, weights, nutrition and well-being. The food programme operates from our Debridge community centre School and is carried out by our school cook and volunteers. Meals are cooked with a combination of healthy ingredients including beans, maize, cereals, rice and locally grown vegetables.

The Impact

Virginia, 8 Years

“I have a big family, I have two sisters and four brothers, I was so happy when I was enrolled into DeBridge school. In my days before coming to school, I used to admire school children and play around school and sometimes helping mum at the house. When I am at school with my friends and teachers I feel so proud wearing my uniform. At school I love reading, singing, talking to my teacher and meeting the visitors that come to see us.”

Moses, 7 Years

“When I was not attending school all day I would help my family by taking care of my younger brothers and sister, helping my mom when she secured a job at our neighborhood   working in a farm. Now I have realized the difference between staying at home and coming to school. At school I to learn to read and write. When I was sick I was taken to hospital given medication and got better. I’m very glad to be in school.”

Faith, 17 Years

“The children who don’t go to school in our community end up selling plastic materials for recycling and charcoal for money. Before coming to DeBridge school life was a lot harder for me, but now when I come to school I have big expectations for my future. I really want to learn and become a Doctor.”

About Us

We are a grassroots community-based organisation in Nairobi, Kenya. We empower and educate people living in poverty.

Our Vision

We see an enlightened healthy community engaged in income generating activities thus profiting its individual members.

Our Mission

We are committed to inspiring, educating, providing Healthcare to individuals and equipping them with skills that develop their abilities.