Hear Our Story


“It began as a dream proclaimed during a sermon at local church. What started out as a handful of people pulling together to help children from less privileged community to get access to education. This is our story…”

The organization dates back to January 2014 after us, the founders, Mr. and Mrs. Caleb and Juliet Shinyega, had the conviction and the desire of putting up a platform on which marginalized individuals from Waithaka and beyond would be nurtured into spiritually, socially and economically sound and self-reliant.

Having been serving the community as Clergy for more than two decades, we have had the privilege of interacting with persons from all walks of life in this area. On realizing what society needs, we developed the urge to provide a way out. For pupils and students whose parents could not manage the education of their children despite it being a right and need, we thought of setting up a school platform and for there to be a solution to health problems in the community, to provide accessibility to the needed health – a medical clinic. After starting this program, on many occasions, we treat patients free of charge having looked at the disparity of need they are in. These two projects suited our expertise with Pastor Caleb well-prepared to head the school project while Pastor Juliet would take care of the medical project.

About Us

We are a grassroots community-based organisation in Nairobi, Kenya. We empower and educate people living in poverty.

Our Vision

We see an enlightened healthy community engaged in income generating activities thus profiting its individual members.

Our Mission

We are committed to inspiring, educating, providing Healthcare to individuals and equipping them with skills that develop their abilities.